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Donna Cummings

I like the pin design. :) And you just probably need time to decompress. The steampunk convention ought to help with that.

You've had a lot going on in a short timeframe--and it is amazing how fast time is going already. Yikes. Although I'm excited for it to be spring, with Daylight Savings Time starting next week. Yay!


I'm looking forward to the extra light at night. Makes it easier to get Bonnie out for that second walk of the day without making it a fast drive to the bluff and that's it!

I do wish I were staying over at the steampunk con instead of driving over every day, but even with gas costing nearly $4 a gallon, still cheaper to do the drive. And it will give me time to think...

I shoulda shrunk the pin graphic, geez! It's huge!

Terri Osburn

Love the pin and can't wait to see all the bookmarks and postcards in person.

I'm totally with you on the brain being elsewhere. Couple weeks ago I was excited about finally querying agents and getting all caught up in plotting the next story. Then I got sick, allergies kicked in, meds started and I've been loopy ever since. Like right now, I could easily lay down and take a nap.

A rainy gray weekend didn't help and I'm with both of you. Totally excited about the time change. I may lose an hour, but I'll just sleep later. LOL! Give me more daylight!


I think the cosmic forces are working against all of us. Or it's the anxious for spring?

I do think I'm on overload and may need to really take a detox week after RT. Or maybe the Nationals...

Almost decided to try out RomCon, first week of August and then just found myself nearly at tears with the calender and opted out. Nope. But thinking hubby and I will make a roadtrip out of the Seattle Steamcon in October.

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